Coffee Time / The Dark Fragrance

This time, we’re doing it in a slightly different manner.

If you drink Coffee, get yourself a good cup before proceeding. A nice cup of Tea or Cocoa or glass of Whiskey or even a tall glass of ice-cold, fresh Coke are also ok. Just get a drink that makes you feel comfortable. Then sit back down, start this Youtube playlist, and start sipping, with closed eyes and open thoughts.

Three songs from the 90s. Three electronic songs from three different genres.
Not in chronological order, I sorted them to become slightly darker with each progression.

Each is a song made to make you dream and let yourself go to a particular place in your mind.

Halcyon + On + On will make you got to your happy and wistful place.
Waiting for the Night will make you go to your dreamy and romantic place.
Industrial Love will make you go to your… Actually, that I don’t know. I know where it leads me, but I’m letting that one open for you to find out. Sip your drink, let yourself float and listen to this song. Then maybe tell me where it led you? I’d love to hear about it.

This post is not about something unique about the 90s, really. It’s a small showcase-post. To show you some wonderful music from that time that you probably don’t all know (Many of you will probably know two out of three at the most, today – If not: Comment! Prove me wrong! Tell me how you got to know each of those tracks. :) ). And to end the week on a chilled note. Because I think that I know most of my (current) readership well enough to guess that those tracks will all be appreciated as “wind-down” music.

While the 90s had their share of extremes and excesses (anyone else remember the Lara Croft + U2 shebang?), there were also some exceptional works done with understatement and subtlety. And in my very own opinion, those tracks qualify. They will not throw you into a pit, they will not kick your ass, they will not twist your view. But they WILL make you smile, lean back, think and perhaps even remember wistfully.

Have a good night.
Have a good time.
Have a good start into the next week.

The songs from today:

Orbital – Halcyon + On + On [Orbital II] | 1993 | Electronica/Acid House
Depeche Mode – Waiting for the Night [Violator] | 1990 | Synthpop
In Strict Confidence – Industrial Love [Face the Fear] | 1998 | Electro-Industrial