Another lost genre.


Do you remember Trip-Hop? Really GOOD Trip-Hop? Chances are it’s from the 90s. Or perhaps the early/mid 00s.
I think I’ll take a Sunday to delve more deeply into that genre soon. Probably not this week, though. But 2nd of October seems a likely candidate.

And so, let’s give some place for one of the most famous bands in that little corner of the musical world: Portishead.

Especially… Portishead | It Could Be Sweet | 1994 | Album:Dummy
(I just realized that I have omitted giving the albums for many tracks. This will be remedied ASAP. And I’m sorry.)
Link to the song, for some tasty listening: Here.

I miss the melancholy mixed with driving beats and complex arrangements. But we’re nearing autumn now, the leaves are falling down. And there’s nothing more bitter-sweet than this track, a sun that’s setting earlier each day and being alone outside, just walking along a busy street, with street-lights illuminating wet concrete, clouds rearing overhead, trees swaying, leaves falling, rain drizzling and the wind biting into you. Not yet too cold, but the taste of winter definitely on its lips. And you’re listening to this song, it’s on your earphones, drowning out the rest of the world. And you’re having your hands deeply inside your pockets. You’re feeling the cold. The rain. The dark. The melancholy. And then this part hits you:

But the thoughts we try to deny
Take a toll upon our lives
We struggle on in depths of pride
Tangled up in single minds

’cause I don’t wanna lose
What we had last time your leaving this life ain’t fair
You don’t get something for nothing, turn back
Mmmm gotta try a little harder

It makes you think about all those love’s lost and chances missed and moments gone.
A perfect moment of bitter-sweetness.

And while it hurts a bit, just for a moment… You still smile.
Because deep down, we all love those short moments of pain and darkness.
They show us that we have lived.
That we are still alive.