The start of a week should be glorious.

To which I can post only one thing.

Oasis | (What’s the Story) Morning Glory | 1993

Britpop hit its ultimate high during the 1990s. It started a movement that would later, in the 2000s, briing us acts like Coldplay. But it all started with The Verve, Oasis and Blur. They took this indie rock based sound, made it British, gave it a stiff upper lip, put their particular view of the world, music and everything else into the lyrics and gave us something magnificent in return.

I’m guessing that every European has at least one Britpop song from this in his or her internal “Songs I really like” playlist. Is it a Bittersweet Symphony? Some Coffee and TV? A Song 2? A Wonderwall or a Champagne Supernova? – True, that was cheating. Those were all top Billboard hits. But in my opinion, they all deserved that status.

The Britpop sound is a very clean, almost orderly one. Even when they go wild, you can still hear and feel the general idea behind what they’re doing, what they wanted to do. It’s not as mathematical as Metric sometimes are, but at times it comes close. It’s also not a cold order. It’s organic. The sound and the song’s feeling flows with it, from it. Take some time and listen to a few Britpop songs again. I’ll bet you’ll get what I mean very quickly.

Also, today’s Monday. And you can’t stop me. And you probably all know what’s coming. So, yeah, take eight minutes from your life and just hit play with the next one. You know you want to. :)

Wanna know a Fun Fact? The utterly iconic sound of this song is an accident. A wonderful, Bob Ross style, happy accident. Gillian Gilbert missed her pre-arranged spot on which to fade in the sequencer melody, resulting in the slightly out-of-beat sound. As it turns out, leaving it that way was the correct choice. Because, goddamn, that song is a fucking masterpiece of synth. (I can only recommend this tape: – The story of New Order and how they rose from the ashes of Joy Division is very interesting, even if you’re not as nuts about music as I am.)

And if you REALLY want to kick me for not keeping it 90s only, have this one. The cover has its own charm, I must say. And it reminds me of very good times. It will probably get its own post down the line, too. :)

(If you’re roughly my age, and perhaps even know me from “back then”, you might be asking yourself why you know this cover. It’s because it was very tied in with the German cinematic release of the first Blade movie. And we were all over that thing then. We also had VIVA2. And some crazier/more alternative radio DJs on “mainstream” rotation. Klaus Fiehe for the goddamn win! – I also probably got on your nerves with that song, too, with some mix tapes or mix CDs. ;) )