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Saturday is Party Day. So I’ve got only the shortest of comments for today’s offering.

House of Pain – Jump Around | 1992 | Hip Hop

This song is nearly 20 years old now. In two years it will be allowed to drink alcohol in the USA and it will have reached the age of adulthood in the old German Empire. The one before Hitler, that is.

And it’s still a gods-damned party classic which even Goths love to jump around to! It’s just THAT damn fun.

So, yeah, have fun! Jump around!

As to my personal connection to it? I can’t remember a single party during my school and university days where this one wasn’t played. And I loved it each and every time.

90s, the third. [16th September 2011]

I think I will stay with Alternative Rock/Grunge for this week. And today, to end this week, a seminal classic.

Alice in Chains – Heaven Beside You | 1995 (on album) | This was one of the first Grunge songs I loved. And for a good reason. It’s moody, it’s harsh, it’s powerful, it’s romantic and twisted at the same time. It also is a very good song to try to get a feel for the World of Darkness with. I still love it.

I can also still remember this song being played in my favourite goth bar, in the winter of 1999, when I was sitting there with friends, drinking mead and absinthe, creating characters for a new Mage chronicle, flirting wildly with a dear friend all to candlelight, behind heavy curtains and surrounded by the most awesome people I could imagine in a crowd of strangers. It’s hard to explain the special magic there was in there back then. 1999 felt… Different than other years. There was some frentic energy in the air. I think that’s why I also still love the movie “Strange Days”. It captured a good deal of that.

There also never was a more fitting time to play Vampire and Mage.

The 90s Project, part 2 [15th September 2011]

Marcy Playground – Sex And Candy | ‘96 | Alternative

Even though it’s “just” a one-hit wonder, this song epitomizes 90s alt-rock. Almost psychedelic lyrics, lower-tone chords, a lazy kind of drawled singing. And even though this is, again, a slightly dark song… It’s still perfect for all those slower moments found in a hot summer. Especially when you’re still in school or university and the whole world is yours for the taking. Let the mind wander, creating images and recalling memories.

When I was in school, that track summed up whole summers for me. All the romance, the lust, the laziness, the adventure, the thoughts, the crazy nights, the slow, deep and hazy nights. Hanging around a girlfriend’s place, listening to music, drinking, talking, laughing, cuddling, making out, talking some more, enjoying the silence…

That’s all in this song from me. Not JUST in this song, but it’s one of those archetypical ones. :)

The 90s. On how they didn’t suck musically. [14th September 2011]

To get myself into a proper workflow again, I’m going to start publishing posts daily now. Short ones at first, getting longer and more coherent with time. The theme? “How the 1990s didn’t suck musically.”

I’m an 80s person. People who know me will know this. Will have lived through it. Perhaps even suffered because of it. But I only caught the tail-end of that decade as an active listener. The 90s though? Those were MY years. The music that came out there was always beside me. On the radio, the TV, on parties and blaring from my own MCs and CDs. Yes MCs. I’m an old bastard with 28, eh? I can even claim that I’ve purchased and used Vinyl.

Anyway! The 90s often get lambasted for being a sucky decade, music wise. They really weren’t. Almost every genre out there had some groundbreaking, or at least really good, stuff coming out. Some genres had their golden, shining spot in those 10 years.

And I want to shine a light on this. The music you will hear will come from any and all genres I’ve listened to back then. Which, well, will be pretty much from everywhere. From Daft Punk to Slayer. From Absolute Beginner to VNV Nation. It’s all there.

Today’s post is for the 14th of September 2011 (Yes, that means that TECHNICALLY there will be two posts this day. I know, I know.

And it will be short and sweet. Here goes. Today’s “The 90s were cool, too!” song is… *dramatic drum whirl*

Eels – Novocaine for the Soul / 1996 / Alternative | It’s moody. It’s well put together. It’s catchy. It’s thoughtful. It’s dark without being bleak. It’s one of those songs you listen to on long, nightly, car rides and just start thinking. Remembering.