Shadowrun Newbie GM Guide

So, you just purchased your first Shadowrun corebook. You started flipping through it, and you want to get your group together to give it a shot. And chances are good, that you might be a bit overwhelmed, even if you are hyped to run the game. Why not turn back on that a bit, then? … Continue reading

Gothtober 2017 – 30th of October / Ministry – Every Day Is Halloween

For the people who know me, the following admission will be yet another “Yep, that’s Matt…” moment: I couldn’t fucking decide which album’s version of this song to link. No, I don’t mean “which version”. I mean: “Which album cover should appear when people see the embed?”. Early Trax? Every Day is Halloween? Trax! Box? … Continue reading

Gothtober 2017 – 29th of October / And One – Military Fashion Show

One thing that continues to draw me into various Goth soundscapes is that the really good acts manage to inject a sense of coldness to topics that traditionally aren’t handled in such a manner. Take today’s song as an example: It’s a tale of lurid, emotionally intense sexual escapades. But it’s presented in starkly cold, … Continue reading

Gothtober 2017 – 28th of October / Solar Fake – Such a Shame

Travelling is amazing. Especially if it’s done to meet good friends. Less so if it’s to leave said friend. The picture you’re seeing? I’ve been at this central station a lot. A /lot/. I’ve taken trips to Berlin, Mainz, Frankfurt am Main, Darmstadt, Tübingen, Hamburg, Oldenburg, Copenhagen, London and nearly all of Rhine-Ruhr from there. … Continue reading

Gothtober 2017 – 27th of October / Beborn Beton – Another World

The fun part about being part of a subculture is basically having access to a whole different layer of society, shopping and partying than the people who remain inside the mainstream. There are shops, clubs and bars only you and the ones like you will know of. Where you’ll congregate regularly without any intrusions by … Continue reading