Battletech – A Personal, 23 Year Retrospective (And the foundation for an Alternate Universe.)

I didn’t get into Battletech via the Grey Death. I didn’t even get into Battletech via Battletech 2nd Edition. Conceptually, I got into Battletech because I was into Discworld and Shadowrun, and those novels had ads for Battletech novels in them, back in the 90s, here in Germany. But in practical terms, I got into … Continue reading

Review: Seattle Sprawl Digital Box

I’m going to review Catalyst Lab’s “Seattle Sprawl Digital Box”, with a special focus on this product being a digital product. This review is based on a review copy provided by Catalyst Game Labs. PRODUCT: Shadowrun: Seattle Sprawl Digital Box Set AUTHORS: Raymond Croteau, Jason M. Hardy, James Meiers, O.C. Presley, Scott Schletz, R.J. Thomas, … Continue reading

Make the game your own. Fuck parts of it up!

Dave Matthews Band – When the World Ends [Lyrics] “HH” by dasTOK ///An over-waist white tank-top worn over green, woolen leggings decorated with a pattern which looks suspiciously christmas like, in August. Short, almost cropped, blonde hair. Rimless glasses./// Before we start, let me quote a short passage from the core rulebook of Dark Heresy … Continue reading

That thing about the weather.

VNV Nation – Colours of Rain “Stay with Me” by MissMorgue ///A Flowing, khaki-coloured skirt over tight-fit, desert-coloured cargo-pants. A black jeans jacket over a light-blue T-shirt. Long, black hair./// Weather in any RPG is something that often gets overlooked. Sure, there are some old-school games which track adverse weather conditions to make the lives … Continue reading


Justice never wavers It is my single purpose Relentless the pursuit I will find you where you hide Counting on your indecision Deciding when to strike Calculating movement The senses of the chase – VNV Nation / Retaliate She checked her internal chrono again. The fifth time in the thirty seconds. The waiting started to … Continue reading

Familiartiy breeds… Many things.

Covenant – Atlas [Lyrics] “Vermillion 3” by BaalKaos ///Feyishly thin and with straight, hard features. Wearing almost form-fitting clothes. Wearing them with class and with style, they add to her striking looks most advantageously. Making her look most captivating./// The characters enter a room. Someone is sitting at the table, looking up at them. Smiling. … Continue reading